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The primary functions of the Optometry Clinic are:

  • to teach students to be highly competent optometrists
  • to provide the fullest scope and highest quality of optometric care to patients

The Clinic supports and encourages applied research

Faculty members have developed many useful techniques, descriptions or explanations of clinically-observed anomalies for the profession. Many student O.D. projects have been clinically oriented and have made a significant contribution to general knowledge. Advancement of knowledge is a major aim of the University and students will get the most from their education through independent thinking.

The optometry student’s primary goal is to gain proficiency as an optometric clinician. As the student begins to understand patients and their problems, the student will find areas that have not been explored adequately in the past. Students are urged to contribute to the solution of those unsolved problems and encouraged to discuss their ideas with members of the faculty.
Clinical Faculty members are eager to discuss clinical research projects with students.

All research, involving human subjects, must first be approved by the University’s Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (510-642-7461).

Patients are the backbone of our clinical program, and at all times we must respect and protect their privacy.

Students requesting data from patient records or computer reports from the Clinic computer must first fill out the form, “Request for Access to Patient Information,” obtained from the Front Desk. No student or Clinical Faculty member has access to patient information without first obtaining the Clinic Director’s signature on this form.

This form must state:

  • Who is requesting the information?
  • The faculty advisor of the project?
  • A description of the research being conducted.
  • How the research will impact patients.
  • What resources will be needed (access to charts, computer reports, etc.)?
  • A signed statement signifying that the student has read the Clinic section on Patient Rights and the State of California requirements regarding patient confidentiality.

The Clinical Research Center, located on the first floor of the Minor Hall addition, is part of the organized research of UCB and the clinical optometric program. Students and faculty from both the Clinic and the Department are encouraged to conduct clinically relevant research through the Clinical Research Center.