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Building Access and Identification

  • Issuance of all building keys and activation of keycards (Cal1 Card) must be authorized by an administrator as appropriate for the space to be accessed.  Facilities managers and building coordinators are the only ones who can grant access to locked areas.
  • All Clinical Faculty, staff and student clinicians must have either a building key keycard (Cal 1 Card) to enter the building.  For those who do not have either, and who have a legitimate reason for admission to our facilities after hours will be asked to make prior arrangements with the person they are visiting for access.
  • Do not leave the entrance door open at any time.
  • Emergency/campus phones are located in the yellow boxes at the southeast corner of Old Minor Hall and outside the Clinic lobby entrance of Minor Addition; these phones may be used to call inside the building for access.
  • Optometry custodians have been instructed not to allow access to individuals without identification cards, such as UC employee ID cards or student registration cards. The custodians will not open the doors after hours to anyone without such identification. Research laboratories should ensure that non-optometry visitors have a letter of authorization signed by the researcher who is being visited; without such a letter, the custodians will not allow access.

Alarm System for Front Desk

  • If it is necessary to summon the Campus Police, please call 911.
  • In addition, there are emergency “panic” buttons placed around the clinic which will also alert Campus Police in case of emergency.
  • If the alarm behind the Front Desk is accidentally pushed, please do the following:
    • Call the Campus Police (2-6760) immediately and tell them it was a false alarm.