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  1. In office training
    This program is run like a private practice; you keep your patients in your own column for all appointments.

    1. Each family must sign the agreement form that shows that they are aware of our policies.
    2. Appointments are scheduled in blocks of eight visits. Individual therapy sessions are not permitted.
    3. General outline of the appointment
      5- 10 minutes “warm up” and review of previous homework activities
      20 – 25 minutes of new in-office activities
      5 minutes of student check in with instructor reviewing the new home therapy ideas
      10 minutes review of home exercises for the upcoming week.
      The first week may require more time spent on this section.
      Dispense home training calendar, choose prize, then out the door
    4. Need to choose 5 activities for in office
      Activities that cannot necessarily be done at home
      Develop variety
      Combine past activities into an obstacle course
  2. At home training
    1. The calendar should include at least 3 activities.
    2. Goal is to complete 20-30 minutes of training per day.
    3. Can allow the child to choose 1 day off per week.
    4. Be familiar with the contents of the home therapy kit.
    5. Be familiar with the VT booklet, which comes with each kit.
    6. Each patient should purchase a kit on the first day of training. Demo home activities for week 1 with the DEMO kit (that you must check out from the Eyewear Center beforehand).
  3. Finances in connection with Visual Therapy
    Visual Therapy is divided into blocks. Each block consists of eight sessions, and the fee per block is $810.00. This fee is paid at the beginning of the therapy, when the patient is booking the first block.The visual therapy kit and instructions is required at the first VT session. Interns may check out a demonstration kit from Eye Wear and then dispense a new kit at the end of the first session. The price per kit is $146.00. This kit is necessary in order for the patients to be successful at their home therapy. Without the home-kit, we cannot complete a regular block of therapy.At the end of the therapy, patients or parents may elect to return the kit. If the kit is complete and the hardware is intact, the patient’s account will be credited $50.00.