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  1. History:
    Blue form; comprehensive history
    Birth history
    Developmental history
    General health history
    Reports from pediatricians, neurologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physical therapists.
    Reports from educational psychologists, neuro-psychologists
  2. Primary Care Exam:
    Ocular health, visual acuity, refraction, and neurological screening
  3. Binocular Vision Evaluation
    Visual Functions
    Ocular Motility
    Ocular Posture
    Cycloplegic refraction
    Ocular health
    BV evaluation includes screening tests: TAAS, TVAS and Visagraph text reading
  4. Tracking (eye movements with cognitive input)
  5. Visual-Spatial Skills
    Orthographic Recognition, Visual Perceptual skills, Visual Processing Speed, Visual-Motor Integration, Laterality, Directionality, Spatial awareness, Spatial planning (TVAS)
  6. Auditory – Language
    Auditory perceptual skills
    Rapid automatic naming: RAN (DEM)
    Phonemic awareness TAAS
  7. Reading skills – Reading strategies (decoding)
    Sight word recognition – DDT
    Phonetic decoding – DDT
    Cloze strategy
    Reading comprehension – IRI
  8. Spelling skills (encoding)
    Eidetic strategies
    Phonetic strategies