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Deja Tu Huella Estudiante Fund

Female optometry student, text reads: Deja Tu Hella Estudiante fund TikTok Challenge.

In Latino culture, there is a phrase that embraces the action of pushing boundaries with your unique individuality: deja tu huella, which translates to “leave your mark” in English.

Cheetos launched the Deja tu Huella Estudiante Fund to celebrate students who are leaving their mark on the world. In partnership with Bad Bunny’s Good Bunny Foundation, they rewarded 10 students who embody the Deja tu Huella spirit with $50,000 to use towards their education.

Valery Medina, Class of 2024, was one of the participants chosen based on her TikTok video describing how she has left her mark by providing eye care to those without access. Congratulations, Valery!

Read more about Cheetos’ initiative here.