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Celebrating Women in Optometry

Dr. Louie.

The 2020-21 academic year marked the 150th anniversary of the UC Regents’ unanimous approval of a resolution by Regent Samuel F. Butterworth: “That young ladies be admitted into the University on equal terms in all respects with young men.” The first women were admitted in 1872, and Rosa Scrivner became the first woman to graduate in 1874 with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Since then, countless women have graduated from UC Berkeley. Staff, faculty, and affiliates have made invaluable contributions to our campus and the world beyond. Berkeley Optometry joins this celebration by honoring the women who have shaped our school, and the field of optometry and vision science. We are featuring an initial group of six of the remarkable women from our community, and will continue to add more in the near future.

Women in Optometry