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In 2021, the UC Berkeley School of Optometry was renamed the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science in honor of a landmark $50 million gift by Dr. Herbert Wertheim. Our name has changed, but our mission of advancing optometric education, clinical practice, and vision research for the benefit of a diverse and inclusive society remains the same. With consistent branding and messaging coming from all our units and groups, we can amplify the impact of our research, teaching, and patient care.

We encourage everyone to begin using the new name and the new logo! See below for details.

Our School Name

The official name of the School is the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science at the University of California, Berkeley. This name should be used in formal documents such as letterheads, contracts, MOUS, gift agreements, marketing materials, websites, and newsletters.

After being used once in its entirety in formal documents subsequent mentions of the name can be shortened to the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science, Berkeley Optometry & Vision Science, Berkeley Wertheim, the Wertheim School, or simply, the School.

In informal communications where the subject is about specific program areas, such as the clinic, the OD program, or the PhD program, after using the formal name in its entirety, subsequent mentions of the programs can be shortened to Berkeley Optometry, Berkeley Vision Science, the Clinic, Berkeley Wertheim, the Wertheim School, or simply, the School.

List of accepted shorthand versions to be used after full name is used:

Berkeley Optometry
Berkeley Optometry & Vision Science
Berkeley Vision Science
The School
Berkeley Wertheim
The Wertheim School
The Vision Science Program
The Clinic

Note: An acronym like HWSOVS or Berkeley HWSOVS is not part of our branding guidelines and should not be used. Similarly, the use of UCBSO should not be used.

Printed Materials

While we ask that our community work to implement our name and branding change when possible, we fully expect that the process will take time. We also do not want to waste resources. To that point, it is acceptable to use up existing branded materials (such as t-shirts, notebooks, mugs, pens, etc.) before ordering new ones.

Formal School Logo

Click on the download link to download a logo from Box. The Wertheim School Logos folder contains each of the following:

  • ESP file: Illustrator, aka “vector” file, best for most print reproduction uses, including large-format projects.
  • Large JPEG: Best for most print uses (5 inches, 300 dpi; you may adjust size down but NOT UP).
  • PNG: Best for web uses, transparency (when photos or color need to show through), and in Word files.
  • Email signature: in gmail, insert into your signature and set to display at medium or large size, depending on your preference.
  • Alternate logo colors in all blue, all gold medalist, all white and all black for when the background does allow the use of the blue & gold logo.

Wertheim Logo all blue


Additional Logos and Branded Assets

We are in the process of finalizing the two “program logos” which will be specific to the Optometry and Vision Science programs. Once all the logos are finalized, we will complete the process of updating the logos on our websites, and on our other school-branded assets, such as letterhead, PPT templates and research posters. We will also create and install signs on the outside and inside of the building.

All of our new branded assets — as well as guidelines on how to use them — will eventually be available on this page. For now, this page only contains the main school logo, and a smaller version of the logo for use on email signatures.

UC Berkeley Logos

Visit the Berkeley brand website for information (and files you can download) on the UC Berkeley Logo.

Powerpoint Templates

Click on the download link to download a powerpoint template with the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science logo.