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The Berkeley Study Guide is a comprehensive review of optometric material that has been compiled to help you pass the National Board Exams in Optometry the first time! The Study Guide is written and maintained by Berkeley Optometry students.

The study guide has been divided into three parts:

  1. Applied Basic Sciences Guide (Part I, Book 1)
  2. Applied Basic Sciences Guide (Part I, Book 2)
  3. Clinical Sciences Guide (Part II)
Each study guide is organized according to crucial topics suggested by the NBEO. The guides can be purchased online via the buttons below.

Applied Basic Sciences Guide Part 1 (Book 1)


Berkeley Study Guide Part I (Book 1) concentrates on the Applied Basic Sciences that are tested in Part 1 of National Boards. The following topics are thoroughly reviewed in this guide: ametropia; ophthalmic optics and spectacles; contact lenses; low vision; accommodative, vergence, and oculomotor anomalies; amblyopia, strabismus and color vision; perceptual anomalies; visual development.


Applied Basic Sciences Guide Part 1 (Book 2)


Berkeley Study Guide Part I (Book 2) focuses on the remaining topics tested in Part 1 of National Boards, including: lids, lashes, lacrimal, ocular adnexa and orbit; conjunctiva; cornea; refractive surgery; lens; cataract and IOL; episclera; sclera; anterior uvea; optic nerve and neuro-ophthalmic pathways; glaucoma; emergencies and trauma; systemic health.


Berkeley Study Guide Part II, Patient Assessment and Management


This guide includes 223 pages of review with 73 sample PAM cases and questions. Each case has 6 multiple choice questions and an addendum with color images of the Study Guide.

The addendum is accessible via a password protected link, which is included in the study guide.



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