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Berkeley Optometry Presents at Google

Marty Banks speaking at the Google visit.
Marty Banks google visit
Four speakers at the Google visit.
Austin Roorda speaking at the Google visit.
The Google visit audience sitting in chairs, listening to the speaker.
Three people discussing at the Google visit.

Berkeley Optometry and Vision Science faculty traveled to the Google campus for an exploratory meeting to showcase the breadth and depth of research in the Vision Science program here at Berkeley in the hopes of fostering additional collaborations in the future.

Topics discussed at the meeting included:

Vision Science and Virtual Reality

Eye movements and retinal images in the natural world, rendering for virtual reality.
and using virtual reality to recover stereo vision.

Ocular Imaging

High resolution retinal imaging for clinical applications, understanding the importance of eye motion for human vision, testing vision, one cone at a time. and neural representations for active vision.

Neural Models, Attention and Deep Learning

Neural representations for active vision, deep learning for perception and action.
and how attention influences the representation of visual space in the human brain.

Myopia and Refractive Error

An overview of the myopia epidemic and its possible implications.

Clinical Research, Ocular Disease, and Retina

An overview of Berkeley Optometry’s Clinical Research Center and several major research activities.