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Arthur Bradley, PhD
Member, Berkeley Optometry Hall of Fame

Arthur Bradley

Parallel careers as a teacher and scientist both creating and sharing knowledge about human vision have been at the center of Dr. Bradley’s professional life since entering the PhD program at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry in 1976. As a professor at Indiana University, he has trained approximately 2,000 Doctor of Optometry students, and almost 50 PhD students and many undergraduates in the fields of optics, visual neuroscience, binocular vision, and visual function. A student-centric approach to teaching combined with a commitment to share his deep knowledge of optics and the visual process has led to numerous teaching accolades.

Dr. Bradley’s early research interests centered on the impact of the environment on the developing visual cortex, and later concentrated on the visual impact of ocular and therapeutic optics, particularly the impact of chromatic and monochromatic aberrations. Expertise developed in the classroom and in the lab provided opportunities to support the peer review and editorial process of many optics and vision journals. His expertise has also been sought by both government agencies (NIH, FDA, NSF, DOD) and the ophthalmic industries. In his role at CooperVision, Dr. Bradley is currently part of a team developing optical interventions to prevent the environmentally induced eye growth responsible for myopia.