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Our Alumni do amazing things – in and out of the clinic! Here’s a sampling of what they’re up to.

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A mosaic collage from the fall 2022 magazine, picturing the following alumni:

1. Sir Colin Blakemore, PhD ’68
2. Janet Carter, OD ’79
3. Bob & Rosie Melrose, OD ’82
4. David Chan, BS ’81 & OD ’83
5. Scott Yokoi, BS ’82 & OD ’86
6. Chris Wilmer, BS ’94 OD ’96
7. Erik Zingler, OD ’96
8. Kristine Eng, OD ’98
9. Todd Erickson, OD ’01
10. Jennifer Fisher, BA ’10 OD ’14
11. Melanie Mason, OD ’11
12. Anne Tasaki, OD ’13
13. Chrystina Yu, BA ’15 & OD ’20


Phoebe Chen, OD ’21
Classmates Phoebe Chen, Marlon Mendoza, Vanessa Huang, and Johnny Cao-Nguyen celebrated their graduation with a trip to Utah. It rocks!
Last updated January, 2022

Jordan Dulay, OD ’21
Dr. Jordan Dulay married Grant, her boyfriend of seven years, just three weeks after graduating. The newlyweds are moving to Orange County and starting their careers.
Last updated January, 2022

Mahsa Masoudi, OD ’21
Dr. Mahsa Masoudi celebrated her graduation with a trip to Aruba before starting her Residency at Omni Eye Services in Atlanta, GA.
Last updated January, 2022

Jackie Nguyen, OD ’21
Dr. Jackie Nguyen started her pediatrics residency at Vanderbilt. Her new colleagues include Berkeley alumnae Dora Mathe, OD ’08, and her mentor Stephanie Jian, OD ’16, Residency ’17.
Last updated January, 2022


Aubrey Vetrone, OD ’20
Aubrey Vetrone and her family have welcomed their baby girl, Eliyana Lisette into the world on the morning of June 16, 2020. Pictured here are Dr. Vetrone’s children, 7 year Kayden James and his new baby sister Eliyana (Ellie for short). Amidst all this COVID craziness, the new family of four are just trying to enjoy all the good that this year has brought them.
Last updated January, 2021

Angelica Estrella, OD ’20 and Brian Nasser, OD ’19
New graduate Angelica Estrella, OD ’20, is moving to Las Vegas, NV with her Opto-love Brian Nasser, OD ’19. They look forward to serving the diverse population of patients in a mixed private practice/ corporate setting together.
Last updated January, 2021

Jasmine Guan, OD ’20
During her time as a student, Dr. Jasmine Guan welcomed baby Grace Lin on 08/28/2019! Baby Grace was 6.7 pounds and 20 inches at birth.
Last updated January, 2021

Chrystina Yu, BA ’15 & OD ’20
Chrystina joined Lamorinda Optometry in Lafayette in the beginning of 2021, joining owner Nathan Orr, OD ’07. She is a director of the Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring food and boba spots, choreographed dancing, hiking, and pickleball!
Last updated April, 2023


Joelle Chan, OD ’19
Dr. Joelle Chan completed her Residency at the VA Central California Healthcare System in Fresno, CA, and joined San Ramon Optometric Group in 2020. She loves the patients and working with owner Fletcher Thames, OD ’82.
Last updated January, 2022

Kristi Choy, OD ’19
Dr. Kristi Choy and a group of 2019 graduates traveled to Bali after their graduation this spring!
Last updated December, 2019

Ghazal Naseri, OD ’19 and Joan Castañeda OD ’19
Berkeley Optometry is thrilled to welcome Drs. Ghazal Naseri and Joan Castañeda to the Berkeley Optometry clinical faculty. As residents, Ghazal and Joan expanded their experience in Primary Care/Contact Lenses, and Ocular Disease, respectively. Welcome home, Doctors!
Last updated January, 2021

Seija Roggeveen, OD ’19
Dr. Seija Roggeveen married Matthew de Gooijer on August 8, 2020 in Calgary. The couple then became “honeymovers” and packed their bags for Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada where Seija currently practices primary care optometry.
Last updated January, 2022


Stephen Lundquist, OD ’17
Dr. Stephen Lundquist and his wife Christyn welcomed baby boy Leo, and moved back to Salt Lake City to build a practice from scratch. The practice is called Vis, and is set to open Fall 2019. If you’re ever in Utah, stop by 8th and 8th to check it out!
Last updated December, 2019

Ryan Ngo, OD ’17
After several years in New York City, Ryan Ngo has returned to San Francisco! He moved to NYC for a Residency year at SUNY and stayed. He and partner Thomas Pence look forward to setting down roots on the West Coast and living closer to Ryan’s family.
Last updated January, 2022

Sloan Rajadhyksha, OD ’17
Dr. Sloan Rajadhyksha married Dr. Hunter Morgan (SCO) in New York on June 6th, 2021. The couple met at the AOA meeting during their 4th Year and reconnected during Residency in NYC. They have recently relocated to San Diego.
Last updated January, 2022


Cristen Adams, OD ’16
Dr. Cristen Adams welcomed baby James on March 7, 2021. She presented at the 2021 American Academy of Optometry with colleagues Farah Gulaid, OD ’15, Joy Harewood, OD ’11, and Sheryl Guillory, OD ’11 as the principal consultants of Chroma Consulting Group.
Last updated January, 2022

Britney Kitamata-Wong, OD ’16
Dr. Britney Kitamata-Wong joined the UCSF Department of Ophthalmology early in the year, after practicing for several years at Lamorinda Optometry in Lafayette, CA. She is the incoming president-elect of the Alameda Contra Costa Counties Optometric Society. Britney was the Gold Retinoscope winner in her fourth year.
Last updated January, 2022

Meredith Turner, OD ’16
Purchased a practice in Redding, CA
Last updated October, 2017


Hannah Chu, OD ’14
Dr. Chu was recently married! She spent her honeymoon enjoying Thailand. She and her husband Josh live in Portland, OR.
Last updated October, 2016

Cory Hakanen, OD ’14
Dr. Cory Hakanen has joined Twenty/Twenty Therapeutics as a Product Manager. The startup, founded in August 2020 is a joint venture between Verily (an Alphabet subsidiary) and Santen (the leading Japanese ophthalmics company), focuses on high-tech solutions in eye care to support doctors and generate superior patient outcomes.
Last updated January, 2022

Sarah Singh, OD ’14, Residency ’15, PhD ’19
Dr. Sarah Singh (née Kochik) wed Arjun Singh on 2-2-2020. They eloped on the UC Berkeley campus where they fell in love 13 years ago as undergraduate students. Sarah joined the Berkeley Optometry faculty after completing her PhD in Vision Science in 2019, and Arjun works in tech.

Jennifer Fisher, BA ’10 OD ’14
Dr. Fisher was recently named California Optometric Association (COA) Young OD of the Year for her work on the Children’s Vision and Student Relations committees as well as serving as president for her local society. Dr. Fisher is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Berkeley in the Binocular Vision and Sports Vision and Concussion Clinics. She currently resides in Oakland with her husband and two young kids (Adeline, age 5 and Wyatt, age 2). She has not convinced her kids to be optometrists yet!
Last updated April, 2023


Sabrina Graziano Shively, OD ’13
Started her own practice, BeSpectacled, in Bakersfield, CA, next door to her father-in-law’s dental office. Her husband Kyle Shively, OD ’10, also practices nearby at the Bakersfield Eye Institute.
Last updated October, 2017

Mark Landig, OD ’13
Working at UCLA’s Stein Eye Institute, UCLA School of Medicine Cataract and Refractive Surgery Division. On a side note, he recently underwent Visian ICL implantation on both eyes, freeing him from glasses and contact lenses!
Last updated October, 2016

Megan (Lee) Laine, OD ’13
After serving in the United States Air Force in Colorado, Megan (Lee) Laine moved to Seattle, Washington and helped open a small optometry office in Redmond, Washington. She will start a Master’s program in Clinical Informatics and Patient Centered Technologies through the University of Washington in Fall 2019.
Last updated December, 2019

Tiana Leung, OD ’14
Dr. Tiana Leung and her husband, Chadwick, welcomed their baby boy, Oliver, in May 2020. They can’t wait to meet all the other 2020 and Opto babies once it’s safe!
Last updated January, 2021

Anne Tasaki, OD ’13
Dr. Anne Tasaki married Paul Taylor in a private ceremony in Petaluma, California on October 3, 2020. She is Chair of the Admissions Committee, a faculty co-chair of Berkeley Optometry’s CE Committee, and she teaches in the Pediatrics Clinic.

Dr. Tasaki recently gave birth to her first child, a boy. Although her and her husband are ecstatic about the new addition to their family, their dog Daisy misses their undivided attention.
Last updated April, 2023

Jackie Theis, OD ’13, Residency ’14
2020 was a year of change! I was humbly awarded the COA Young Optometrist of the year award in February. Then, after 5 years working in neuro-optometry at Northern California Kaiser Permanente, I relocated in March of 2020 to Richmond, VA to cold-start a private practice…during a global pandemic. Virginia Neuro-Optometry is a tertiary care private practice that is located/part of a multidisciplinary brain injury clinic; the Concussion Care Centre of Virginia. We offer brain-injury specialization in physical medicine and rehabilitation, physical therapy, neuroendocrinology and of course, neuro-optometry! But most importantly, I adopted a second stray dog named Tucker into the “pack” bringing me nothing but joy and gratitude.
Last updated January, 2022


Melanie Akau, OD ’12
Dr. Akau completed a 2-year post-residency optometry research fellowship at the Boston VA Hospital and married Matthew Taliaferro in August, whom she met during her last year of optometry school. They were each other’s first and only E-Harmony date! The couple reside in the greater Boston area and Melanie will be joining a private MD/OD practice in Nashua, NH this Fall.
Last updated October, 2015


Sheryl Guillory, OD ’11
I just passed my exam for the American Board of Optometry! I’m now Board certified!
Last updated January, 2022

Marlena Chu OD ’08 and Cheyenne Huber OD ’11
Low Vision aka “LOVE Vision” Boss Ladies: faculty members Marlena Chu OD ’08 and Cheyenne Huber OD ’11 with Low Vision Residents Jessica Broodryk, Emily Gorski, and Cristina Ta, with our iconic Campanile!
Last updated January, 2021

Marina Rocchi, OD 11
Dr. Marina Rocchi married Jordan Hutton in an international celebration starting with a civil ceremony in California, and a wedding in Wicklow County, Ireland. In 2020 she was honored by the COA as a Young Optometrist of the Year, and a Keyperson of the Year at Legislative Day, an honor she shares with her father Steven Rocchi, OD ’81.
Last updated January, 2021

Melanie Mason, OD ’11
Melanie has been enjoying life in Livermore with
her kids (Clara 8, Levi 6) and husband, Dan. They spend lots of time camping and gardening and have successfully planted 14 fruit trees in every spot of dirt in their yard. She continues to work part-time in clinic at UC Berkeley and in private practice at Livermore Optometry Group. In 2021, Melanie Mason was awarded with the OD of the Year award by the Alamenda Contra Costa Counties Society. Since optometry school, she has developed a love for mountain biking and hopes to see you on the trails!
Last updated April, 2023


Tiffany Chan, OD ’10
Tiffany Chan and Ellie Kung, OD ’10 hiked Lassen in 80 degree weather with snow still on the ground. Tiffany is the Chief of Low Vision at CPMC and also practices at Chan Family Optometry in Grass Valley, CA, the practice founded by her parents Lisa Moon, OD ’76 (retired) and Jerry Chan, OD ’75. Ellie joined the Kaiser team a few years ago and has become involved in IFTPE ESC L20 Union leadership, along with the Alumni Board.
Last updated January, 2022


Alex Baker, OD ’09
Dr. Alex Baker opened a new practice, Baker Optometry, in Davis CA in June 2019 with lots of support from his wife, Cara. His daughters, Cate and Violet, have been very enthusiastic about scrubbing the toilets in the office.
Last updated December, 2019

Jennifer Hsieh, ’OD 09, Residency ’10
Dr. Hsieh as been working at two private offices in the Bay Area. She got married to her husband Channing in 2011 and became a mom in 2014. Her son Oliver is now two years old! She received one of the Young OD of the Year Awards by the California Optometric Association in 2014.
Last updated October, 2016

Justin Kwan, OD ’09
Dr. Kwan married Lora Kim on April 11, 2015 on board the historic and majestic Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It was a super fun day celebrating with friends and family. Dr. Kwan currently is in his fifth year teaching full time at Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University in cornea and contact lens. He also heads the dry eye and refractive surgery clinic.
Last updated October, 2015

Sarah Lewis, OD ’09
Awarded the 2015 Young Optometrist of the Year by the Colorado Optometric Association.
Last updated October, 2016


Debora Lee Chen, OD ’08
This year Dr. Chen, and husband Terry welcomed their first daughter, Mia Chen, into their family. Mia was born on April 7, 2015. Debora is Co-Chief of the Binocular Vision Clinic at Berkeley Optometry.
Last updated October, 2015

Marlena Chu OD ’08 and Cheyenne Huber OD ’11
Low Vision aka “LOVE Vision” Boss Ladies: faculty members Marlena Chu OD ’08 and Cheyenne Huber OD ’11 with Low Vision Residents Jessica Broodryk, Emily Gorski, and Cristina Ta, with our iconic Campanile!
Last updated January, 2021


Ahna Girshick, PhD ’07
Since earning a PhD under Dr. Marty Banks in 2007, Ahna Girshick, PhD ’07, is now a computational research scientist at Ancestry DNA in San Francisco, doing machine learning and genomics research to help people learn more about where they come from.
Last updated October, 2017

Athena Brasfield, OD ’07
Dr. Athena Brasfield is President and CEO of Coachella Valley Optometry. Her dedication to helping the undeserved recently earned her a spot in Palm Springs Life’s “40 Under 40” list of the most exceptional leaders in the Coachella Valley. Athena opened Coachella Valley Optometry in 2016, and has grown it to a seven-doctor practice, including fellow OptoBears Richard Phan, OD ’18 and Michelle Zaw, OD ’19.
Last updated December, 2019

Trevor Fogg, OD ’07
Drs. Trevor Fogg and Chris Sween, OD ’06, played with PGA pro Cameron Tringale in the 2019 Golf for Kids Pro-Am Tournament to support the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County.
Last updated December, 2019

Kuniyoshi Kanai, OD, ’07
The Kanai family welcomes the newest member of the family! Leo was born in November 2014. Daughter Alisa is now 4 years old.
Last updated October, 2015


Deana Lum, OD ’06
Dr. Deana Lum and her husband Michael Black are excited to announce the birth of their son, Darrin. Their oldest son, Ian, was ecstatic to become a big brother! Deana continues to practice at the VA Central California Health Care System in Fresno, California, where she is the chief optometrist and residency program coordinator.
Last updated January, 2021


Nasir Khan, OD ’03
Dr. Nasir Khan was elected President of the Alberta College of Optometrists (ACO) in October 2018 and has been on the ACO council since 2013. Along with Dr. Hensel, he is the co-chair of a new organization for creating specialties in Optometry in Canada, called the Royal Canadian College of Optometry (RCCO).
Last updated December, 2019


Melissa Barnett, OD ’01
Dr. Melissa Barnett educates with iTravel CE, a destination continuation education company. She and her husband Todd Erikson OD, ’01 were at an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai, Thailand on a recent excursion.
Last updated December, 2019

Todd Erickson, OD ’01
Todd Lindsay Erickson passed away on April 21, 2022. In the course of gaining his doctorate degree, Todd met his wife of 19 years, Melissa Barnett Erickson, who survives him along with their sons Alex and Drew, mother Carolyn Tillman, father Dennis Erickson, and sister Monica McCoy. During his almost 21 years of practice, Todd loved including himself in his childrens sports endeavors where he became a swim official and a water polo coordinator. He was an adventurous, kind soul that went above and beyond when helping others.
Last updated April, 2023


Dan Harvitt, PhD ’97, OD ’00
Dr. Dan Harvitt was the student-elected Faculty Speaker for the 2019 Graduation. His epic speech will likely not be forgotten for some time.
Last updated December, 2019


Tanya Gill, OD ’99
Dr. Tanya Gill was one of 10 individuals honored in the inaugural #GameChangers issue of Eyecare Business magazine in December 2018. The list includes, “independent female optometrists and opticians who are breaking down barriers, ushering in positive change, and shaking things up in the industry for good.”
Last updated December, 2019


Simon Cheng, OD ’98
Dr. Simon Cheng hired a new associate in 2020, Tin Tran, OD ’20. Tin evened up the percentage of Berkeley ODs at Blackstone Optometry, Simon’s four-doctor practice in Los Angeles, CA.
Last updated January, 2022

Kristine Eng, OD ’98
The Orinda Optometry Group of Kristine Eng, OD ’98, Weylin Eng, OD ’66, and Kelly Shintani, OD ’00, just completed a remodel of their office! The Eng family also received an Oakland legacy award in May!

Dr. Eng enjoys hanging out in Park City, pickle ball, good food, and great times!
Last updated April, 2023


Maxwell Cheng, BS ’95, OD ’97
Last year Dr. Maxwell Cheng received the David Lawrence Community Service Award for inspiring others to provide impoverished communities both locally and around the world with high-quality eye care. He recently took nine Berkeley Optometry students on a medical mission to Jamaica where they examined over 1700 patients and treated 200 people with glaucoma. Dr. Cheng gave these 2 patients (see photo) from the Andean mountains in Peru their first pair of glasses!
Last updated December, 2019

Ursula Moonsamy, OD ’97
Dr. Ursula Moonsamy and family published a book called “The 17th Suitcase: Vignettes from a South African Family,” about the journey of a family navigating the system of Apartheid in South Africa, in a religiously diverse community, amidst racial tension and economic struggle. It is available on Amazon.
Last updated December, 2019

Cindy Szeto, OD ’97
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the practice that Cindy Szeto, OD ’97, has worked at since she was the high school file clerk, and to mark her 20th year in optometry, she flew the entire staff for an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland. Cindy says that “40 years in San Francisco’s financial district has been challenging, but never dull!”
Last updated October, 2017


Susy Yu, BS ’92, OD ’96
As of January of this year, Dr. Susy Yu was appointed to the Board of Directors for the national board of examiners in optometry (NBEO).
Last updated December, 2019

Erik Zingler, OD ’96
Dr. Erik Zingler participated in a 2-week medical humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico, addressing areas still recovering from the 2017 hurricanes. His site saw more than 1,100 medical and dental patients, 500 of which were seen by Erik and Puerto Rico VA colleague Maj. Alex Garcia. Total impact of the mission was an estimated $1.9 million in value to over 9,000 patients across six sites, with more than half of the dollar value in optometric services and eyewear.

Dr. Eric Zingler is conducting innovative readiness training mission trips with the Nebraska National Guard. He has assisted in regions in South Dakota, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. While on his mission trip in South Dakota at the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, he performed eye exams in the back of a trailer.
Last updated April, 2023

Chris Wilmer, BS ’94 OD ’96
Dr. Wilmer celebrated her 25th reunion by backpacking the entire 250 mile John Muir Trail with her spouse Miesje and two sons Kai 16 and Rory 14. On the trail she came across a hiker unable to continue and in extreme eye pain. With a well stocked medical kit the hiker was started on treatment for a presumed corneal ulcer and evacuated out of the Sierra Mountains via helicopter. The next day word came via satellite communicator that the field diagnosis was correct and the hiker was on the way to recovery.
Last updated April, 2023


Michelle Hoff, OD ’94
Dr. Michelle Hoff, “I taught for 4 years as a staff optician while I was an optometry student and 27 years as a faculty member. So in total 31 year as an educator. I’m still going to be on the faculty working with the students on community service events. I’m continuing my work running Mindful Eyes Foundation and have created a new consulting company with two amazing women, Dr. Isbel Kazemi, ’94 and Mindi Lewis (she was an EWC optical instructor ’94), called SightLine Ophthalmic Consulting.”
Last updated January, 2022


Laurie Chaikin, BS ’76, OD ’93
Dr. Chaikin sold her practice, Wild Iris Optometric Group in 2008, and took some time off to develop a mobile practice for neuro-optometric rehab patients, which she did for 5 years. Laurie later opened a specialty clinic in Alameda and completed a research project looking at use of microcurrent to slow the progress of AMD, which was published in Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology. In her spare time, she developed her sailing skills in the Caribbean and SF Bay.
Last updated October, 2017


Todd Adair, OD ’92
Dr. Todd Adair and family have moved to Wichita, Kansas! After selling his practice a few years ago, he enrolled in a Masters of Healthcare Administration, MHA, at George Washington University and plans to shift into healthcare administration after graduation this December. While he will miss Sacramento, he plans to keep his license and keep in touch with classmates at CE events.
Last updated January, 2021

John Corzine OD ’92
Dr. John Corzine writes: “Retired after 26 years of teaching. Plans include more bike riding, photography, backpacking, travel, many projects around the house (large and small), and not setting an alarm clock. Still living in the area and will stay in touch with the School.”
Last updated January, 2022

Anthony “Tony” Soria, OD ’92
After 24 years in private practice in Healdsburg, Dr. Anthony “Tony” Soria retired two years ago and now serves the community at Santa Rosa Community Health Center. In July, he will celebrate his 26th wedding anniversary to his college sweetheart, June, a kindergarten teacher with the Santa Rosa Archdiocese. Their eldest son is entering his senior year at UC Davis majoring in Economics and Political Science. Their younger son is entering his senior year at high school with hopes of attending UC Berkeley in engineering.
Last updated December, 2019


Bob Theaker, OD ’91
Dr. Bob Theaker is the 2020 national legislation chair for the AOA! As chair of the Federal Relations Committee, Dr. Theaker works on legislation and regulation issues relating to optometry, and promotes the profession at the national level. Bob has also served as the COA President, President of Rotary, and still finds time to practice optometry with his partner in life/love/vision, Elizabeth Anderson, OD ’92, at Hollister Vision Center.
Last updated January, 2021


Sharon Joe, OD ’90, and Greg Hom, OD ’91
Sharon Joe, OD ’90
, and Greg Hom, OD ’91, celebrated their youngest daughter’s high school graduation and Girl Scout Gold Award in June. After three daughters and nine years of volunteering for numerous high school organizations, Sharon and Greg are looking forward to the next adventure. Both are still in practice in San Diego.
Last updated January, 2021

Paula Asmus, OD ’90, and Ron Garcia, OD ’91
The Asmus-Garcia family celebrated younger son Alec’s graduation from Miramonte High School. Their older son Derrick is studying at University of Redlands, where he is a member of the swim team.
Last updated January, 2021

William “WJ” Hyatt, OD ’90
Phuong Thai from Texas and Dr. William “WJ” Hyatt got married at Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove California on February 3, 2019. There was a break in the rain and a rainbow made for a picture perfect wedding!
Last updated December, 2019


Judy Lee Tom, OD ’89, and Richard Tom, OD ’89
Drs. Judy Lee Tom and Richard Tom who are classmate-sweethearts from optometry school, share that their oldest daughter Jessica married Brendan Henry on October 13, 2018. Her maids of honor were her younger sisters, Natalie and Bethany.
Last updated December, 2019


Jeff Calmere, OD ’88
Dr. Jeff Calmere sold and retired from his private practice after 30 years! For over 10 years, he was on the Berkeley Optometry Preclinic faculty, and later managed COLA, a laser vision correction co-management company of up to 650 doctors which sold to TLC in 2015. He is interested in returning to an academic or research setting. He and his Optolove, Linda Hur-Calmere, OD ’90, still live on the peninsula. Linda’s practice includes seven (!) Berkeley Optometry graduates.
Last updated January, 2021

Paul Gollender, OD ’88
Dr. Paul Gollender spent the 2020 Valentine’s Day doing eye exams for local children, including many in foster care, with his organization “Eye Love You Back.”
Last updated January, 2022

Deborah Steinberg, OD ’88
In March, a team of all-Cal Optometry grads along with Deborah Steinberg, headed to Bolivia to do vision screenings on school children in Coroico and surrounding communities with a grant from Rotary International, where they had a 12% referral rate. Phase 2 of the project provided extended care for the children that failed the screening and low cost glasses. Phase 3 of the project brings Rotarians from Italy to train Bolivians on making glasses and providing new lab equipment. While in Bolivia they screened 1178 children from 30 different schools. The screening team was Wayne Nishio,’81, Devinder Grewal, ’10, Ross Redding, ’87, Deborah Steinberg, ’88, and Tony Giannotti, ’79.
Last updated October, 2015

Jean Wrightnour, OD ’88
Jean Wrightnour, OD ’88, “My husband, Dan Lee, and I are retired as of 2020 and now that we’re vaccinated, we decided to plan a three-month trip. We left NE Ohio on May 24 and headed west. We’ve turned into National Park geeks! We hike, we bike. We zip-lined at the Olympic Ski Center in Park City. We’ve seen more “Lewis and Clark” stuff than any one family has need.
Last updated January, 2022


Deanna Alexander, OD ’87
Congratulations to Deanna Alexander, OD ’87, named as the AOA Advocate of the Year for her many years of hard work advocating for optometry on the State Government Relations Committee and currently chairing the Alliance for Patient Safety.
Last updated December, 2019

Robert Dister, OD ’87
Dr. Robert Dister, though retired, Bob plans to return to Berkeley Optometry to teach in the 200A and 200B first-year preclinic courses, so he’s only half-retiring, but is planning to enjoy not being in charge of anything. On his new days off, he’s looking forward to having more time to ice skate, play golf, take walks, and spoil Io the cat.
Last updated January, 2022

Julia Edwards, OD ’87
Dr. Julia Edwards recently retired and sold her practice in DeForest, WI after 33 years. Julia and her husband, John, celebrated with a 30-day camping road trip. They hiked and explored the Badlands of South Dakota, Southern Wyoming, Northern Nebraska, and Northern Colorado including Rocky Mountain National Park, summiting Twin Sisters as their highest peak at 11,427 ft.
Last updated January, 2022


Paul Jensen, OD ’86
The Optometric Physicians of Washington named Paul Jensen, OD ’86, the 2019 Doctor of the Year at their OPW Annual Meeting in June, 2019. His wife Kathy and two children are thriving—son Erik is at Harvard Law and daughter Alison is a current AOSA Board Member and will graduate from Berkeley Optometry in 2020.
Last updated December, 2019

Blake Kuwahara, OD ’86
Celebrated eyewear designer and CFDA member, Blake Kuwahara, OD ’86, was awarded Best Fashion Frame and Best Sunglass Frame honors for his designs, “Larrabee” and “Moore,” respectively, by the LOFT x The Eyewear Forum (TEF) Magazine at the Spring
LOFT show in New York.
Last updated December, 2019

Scott Yokoi, BS ’82 & OD ’86
Dr. Scott Yokoi is retiring from clinical practice at Rockridge Optometry in Oakland after 36 years of exemplary service to the community. Dr. Yokoi’s partners Dr. Larry Sarver ’80 and Dr. Cindy Sakai ’02, and his associate Dr. Jazzi Junge ’14 wish to congratulate him on his many years of service. Dr. Yokoi will be greatly missed by his colleagues, his many dedicated patients, and his outstanding staff at Rockridge Optometry.
Last updated April, 2023


Kathleen Low Ding, BS ’82, OD ’84
Dr. Ding retired her license at the end of 2016 after 33 years, and plans to start a new chapter in her life. She has much faith in the future of the profession, as her daughter Jennifer Ding, OD ’17, graduated in May after winning the William Feinbloom Low Vision Award. Jennifer is engaged to be married this summer.
Last updated October, 2017

Martin Guevara, BS ’82, OD ’84
Grace Kuo and Martin Guevara are Opto-classmates OD ’84, Opto-spouses, and now Opto-parents! Their daughter Melanie Guevara will begin her second-year OD studies this fall. Martin and Grace practice in Hermosa Beach and Torrance, CA
Last updated October, 2017

Ed Nuccio, OD ’84
Ed Nuccio, OD ’84, is thrilled to welcome Steven Perry, OD ’18, as an associate to Stanislaus Optometric Center, Inc. in Modesto, CA. Steven also practices with Berkeley Optometry alumni at Livermore Optometry Group.
Last updated December, 2019


Nancy Shoji, OD ’83, George Patton, OD ’82, Leigh Owyang, OD ’83, and Mark Bowman, OD ’83
Nancy Shoji, OD ’83, George Patton, OD ’82, Leigh Owyang, OD ’83, and Mark Bowman, OD ’83 are now Opto-in-laws! George and Nancy’s daughter, Ariel Patton (Cal ’13), married Mark and Leigh’s son Daniel Bowman (Cal ’13) at the Pageo Lavender
Farm in Turlock, California. Contrary to popular speculation, the parents had nothing to do with putting the newlyweds together. Daniel and Ariel met on the Berkeley campus nearly 30 years after their parents met in optometry school.
Last updated December, 2019

David Chan, BS ’81 & OD ’83
Dr. Chan has served on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Valley Optometric Society (SVOS) over the past 5 years as a Director and Chairman of its Education Committee. Last year he was elected and served as President of SVOS. During his term in the leadership role for 2021-2022, his society was awarded the prestigious Society of the Year award by the California Optometric Association (COA). This award is presented annually to the best of the 25 such societies in California and recognizes the outstanding and significant accomplishments that Dr. Chan and his society had achieved over the past year, such as public service projects and activities to promote vision and eye care, and to improve the public awareness of proper vision and eye care.
Last updated April, 2023


David Brew, OD ’82, & Anita Scheifler, ’85
Retired from Lenscrafters in 2005 and now enjoy traveling to places such as Istanbul, where they visited in May of 2015.
Last updated October, 2015

Michael “Mike” Gatschet, OD ’82
Dr. Michael “Mike” Gatschet died of a heart attack in July at the age of 66. Classmates, colleagues, and patients fondly remember his love of family, the outdoors, and Bay Area sports.
Last updated January, 2021

Bob & Rosie Melrose, both OD ’82
Drs. Bob & Rosie Melrose want to introduce everyone to their first grandchild, Cassius “Cash” Melrose born on July 2, 2019.

After 40 years of practice, Drs. Bob and Rosie Melrose, have retired and relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado to live near their grandchildren. The Drs. Melrose have been partners in the group practice founded by Dr. Craig Hisaka in Stockton CA since graduation. The practice grew to 14 doctors and became part of the VSP Ventures family in 2019. Bob and Rosie will keep busy in retirement with travel and as members of the Ventures Visionary Council, Rotary and the Berkeley Optometry Alumni Board. They are shown here outside Melrose Abbey, the Scottish ancestral home of Bob’s family.
Last updated April, 2023

Curt Simmons, OD ’82
This past June, Dr. Curt Simmons and a group of nine Berkeley Optometry students joined the 8th annual medical mission to Jamaica organized by AOJAH (the Alliance of Jamaican & American Humanitarians). Consisting of close to 100 volunteers from many different health care disciplines, the mission team provided free medical care, surgeries, eye exams, glasses, and medications to over 2000 people!
Last updated December, 2019

Karla Zadnik, BS ’80, OD ’82, PhD ’92
Dr. Zadnik became the president of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry in July of this year. Karla is also Dean and Glenn A. Fry Professor in Optometry and Physiological
Optics at the The Ohio State University College of Optometry.
Last updated October, 2016


Julie Helmus, OD ’81
Julie Helmus joined the practice of Helmus + Baker Optometry in Davis, CA in July 2015. Her partners include both her parents, Mark Helmus, BS ’79, OD ’81, and Joann Helmus, BS ’84, OD ’86, and also Alex Baker, OD ’09. In addition to welcoming Julie as their new partner, Mark and Joann welcomed their first grandchild, Julie’s son Henry Nash Windsor, born December 2015.
Last updated October, 2016


Caroline Guerrero Cauchi, OD ’80
Dr. Caroline Guerrero Cauchi was invited to speak at Vision Expo East 2019 on “The economics of myopia.” In May she was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award presented by the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia control, in recognition of contributions to the specialty contact lens industry and the advancement of Orthokeratology and Myopia control.
Last updated December, 2019

Stephen David Kessler, OD ’80
Dr. Stephen Kessler passed away on December 9th, 2021 in Aurora, Colorado. Dr. Kessler was an Eagle Scout and Boy Scout Master for 20 years. He was also a member of the 1st Brigade Band and played trumpet with the St. Louis Symphony and the St. Louis Municipal Opera. He was an active volunteer for Meals on Wheels and loved the Dodgers. He is served by his wife Donna M. Anderson and his two daughters, Sarah and Hannah.
Last updated April, 2023


Greg Boomer, OD ’79
Dr. Greg Boomer is closing his 75-year old practice in Susanville, CA in 2020. In preparing for his retirement he is “giving away” his practice to the right OD. Please contact if you are interested in living where the deer and the antelope play.
Last updated December, 2019

Janet Carter, OD ’79
Ever since her sister moved to Santa Fe, NM, Dr. Janet Carter was intrigued with the city. She found her dream vacation condo to be the perfect shelterin-place home while she had a temporary break from practice. In Santa Fe, Janet has learned to cook New Mexican-style Hatch chile dishes. As her younger son went “to the dark side” as a busy hospitalist and assistant professor at Stanford Med, her next extended stint will be as the Granny Nanny for his twin sons due in late October! Her older son and wife are riding out the pandemic in Tokyo, Japan where they live. Janet wants to thank everyone who sent kind words after her father, Professor Darrell Carter, passed away earlier this year.

Dr. Carter is now practicing part-time in Nevada, and lives the rest of the year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She recently returned from a beautiful trip to the Galapagos and Quito, and looks forward to a lot more traveling, especially after her first granddaughter and third grandchild is born in Nagano, Japan later this year!
Last updated April, 2023


Vicki Hughes, OD ’78
Dr. Vicki Hughes is thrilled about the appointment of Dr. Michael Drake, new UC President, and reminded us that he was a featured CE lecturer at Berkeley Optometry ~7 years ago. Photo from a mutual friend’s birthday celebration with Dr. Edward Collins, Bonda Lee, Brenda Drake, Esq., Dr. Michael Drake, and Charles Collins, Esq., President & CEO of YMCA San Francisco.
Last updated January, 2021

Johnny Jang, OD ’78
Dr. Johnny Jang will retire from Kaiser Permanente on July 31, 2020 after 41 years of service as a senior optometrist. He plans to continue his involvement at the UC Berkeley Martial Arts program.
Last updated January, 2021

Davida Dong-Leong, OD ’78, and Richard Leong, OD ’78
Drs. Davida Dong-Leong and Richard Leong took a three-week trip through South America, in February and early March, returning safely before shelter-in-place began. The highlight of their adventure was Patagonia, pictured here, and included stops in Santiago and Rio de Janeiro.
Last updated January, 2021

Judy Riley, BS ’76, OD ’78
Dr. Riley has joined New View Oklahoma in their Tulsa Clinic to provide low vision services.
Last updated October, 2017

Connie Wang, OD ’78
Dr. Connie Wang is preparing to retire once she sells her one-doctor practice in downtown Concord, CA. Connie looks forward to spending more time with her loved ones, including three grandchildren.
Last updated January, 2021


Page Yarwood, OD ’76
Dr. Page Yarwood was recently elected for a second term as the president of the COA’s charitable organization, the California Vision Foundation. This year he also retired from his “retirement jobs” as the Legislative Director for the ACCCOS, and as the President of the Oakland Museum of California’s Docent Council.
Last updated December, 2019


Chris Cabrera, OD ’75
The class of 1975 had a recent mini-reunion at the home of Chris Cabrera, OD ’75 in Sacramento. Most are retired, though several are still practicing full time. All are enjoying or searching for hobbies, which include travel, beekeeping, woodworking, wine making, hiking, skiing, music, and the most popular: grandchildren.

Despite most of his class being retired, Dr. Cabrera is still seeing patients one day per week in the vision clinic inside Folsom State Prison.
Last updated April, 2023

Jerry Chan, OD ’75
Dr. Chan runs a full service optometry practice in Grass Valley, CA. Dr. Chan is still accepting new patients, as you can see in the photo above.
Last updated October, 2015

Dave Halsey, OD, ’75
Larry Banks, OD ’75 and spouse Anita traveled to Wheatland Wyoming to join Dave Halsey and family Lisa, Sarah,Eric, and Asher and a few friends to watch the total eclipse in 2017. The totality lasted a minute and was viewed through a 12 inch reflecting telescope. Viewers were able to see sunspots and the international space station crossing in front of the sun. A good time was had by all!
Last updated October, 2017

Lesli Handmacher, OD ’75
This year, Dr. Lesli Handmacher proudly celebrates her 40th year as a solo private practice doctor! Dr. Lesli is proud to announce that she found just the right doctor to pass on North Berkeley’s first and female-owned optometry practice to, Nadia Samii, OD ’10, is excited to take on the mission of continuing this wonderful practice, newly named “Your Two Eyes Optometry.”
Last updated December, 2019

Richard Hom, BS ’73, OD ’75
Currently a Trustee of California Optometric Association and National Optometric Director for Anthem, Inc., Dr. Hom is working on his PhD dissertation on the implications of food insecurity on vision impairment and disability in Biomedicine
at Salus University
Last updated October, 2017

Larry Thal, OD ’75
Dr. Larry Thal with his newest granddaughter Haley Elizabeth, born within days of his own 75th birthday. Arielle is in her fifth and last year of head and neck surgery residency. Larry has served as the President of the California Optometric Association, led the Berkeley Optometry Development & Alumni Relations team, and was the Alumnus of the Year.
Last updated January, 2022


Stephen Chun, OD ’74
Dr. Stephen Chun and his wife Doris Sze paddled for the Berkeley-based Dragonmax team at the last two IDBF Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championships held in Adelaide, Australia (2016) and Szeged, Hungary (2018). Paddling as a member of the Dragonmax men’s crew that was entered in the Masters Small Boat Open Division at the 2016 World Championships, Stephen won a silver medal and a bronze medal in the 500 meter and 200 meter sprints.
Last updated December, 2019

Chris Iwata, BS ’72, OD ’74
Dr. Iwata and his wife Pauline welcomed their third grandchild, a baby boy, Thanassi Hikaru Panos. The couple’s other two grandchildren are Amalia, 4 years old and Daphne 2, years old. All three are children of Elias and Heather Panos. When not working in his practice, Dr. Iwata spends time fly fishing, salmon fishing and playing tennis. He was norcal tennis singles player of the year in the 60’s open age group in 2011, and again last year in the 65’s!
Last updated October, 2016


Clark Abramson and Gary Nelson, OD, ’73
Drs. Abramson and Nelson went fly fishing together on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. (A long way from Berkeley) Dr. Nelson caught the biggest fish!!
Last updated October, 2015


Barry Weissman, OD ’72, PhD ’79
Congratulations to Dr. Barry Weissman, who was awarded the 2019 Dr. Richard Hemenger Faculty Research Award at the Southern California College of Optometry of the Marshall B. Ketchum University, in recognition of the quality, significance, impact, and relevance to optometry of his research contributions. Barry joined the SCCO/ MBKU faculty in 2012 following his retirement after 33 years on the faculty of the Stein Eye Institute and Department of Ophthalmology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Hemenger was an outstanding teacher and nationally respected visual scientist.
Last updated January, 2021


Class of 1971
Class of 1971, in preparation for their 50th year as doctors, looked back at their 25th Reunion which included recognition at the 1996 Commencement (pictured with late Dean Tony Adams), and a social celebration at the home of Don Sarver.
Last updated January, 2022

Collin Chu, BS ’69, OD ’71
In addition to being proud supporters of Berkeley Optometry, Collin Chu, BS ’69, OD ’71, and family love to spend time together cruising the high seas. This year, they are doing an Alaskan cruise.
Last updated October, 2016

Don Sarver, BS ’69, OD ’71
Retired after 46 years in practice at Rockridge Optometry with fellow alumni Larry Sarver BS ’78, OD ’80Cindy Sakai BS ’96, OD ’02, Scott Yokoi BS ’82, OD ’86, and Jazzi Junge BA ’09, OD ’14. He plans to make more time for hobbies including grand parenting and photography.
Last updated October, 2017

Ken Schwaderer, OD ’71
Colleague Linda Hur, OD ’90 writes: “We had a surprise celebration for Dr. Ken Schwaderer for having completed 50 years of optometric service at Mountain View Optometry. We closed the office and brought him to the Oakland Zoo, one of his favorite places. He still works full-time and has been instrumental in assuring our younger team members to be confident while working through the pandemic.”
Last updated January, 2022


Barry Winston, OD ’70
Dr. Barry Winston welcomed a new furry family member during shelter-in-place. He is still managing a private practice and teaching at the school one day each week.
Last updated January, 2021

Siu G. Wong, OD ’70, MPH ’72
Dr. Siu G. Wong dedicated her life to public health and public service. A memoir detailing her career as an optometrist was featured in the April 2020 issue of Hindsight: Journal of Optometry History. Her activism included a focus on Chinese American jurisprudence and its impact on American history and its legal system. This activism included raising funds for a monument to a landmark Chinese American civil rights case, Territory of New Mexico V. Yee Shun (1882). This court case affirmed Chinese Americans Constitutional right to testify in court. Her Class of 1970, celebrating their 50th reunion, was the first to graduate in the four-year OD program at Berkeley Optometry.
Last updated January, 2021


Adi Adins, OD ’68
Dr. Adi Adins and wife Roberta have moved to a retirement community in Walnut Creek, CA, and recently traveled to South America.
Last updated December, 2019

David Grisham, OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD-A ’68
Jeremy Shumaker, OD ’07, writes, “My teacher, mentor, and business partner Dr. David Grisham, has officially retired from more than 40 years of practice. He co-wrote the book we as optometry students at Cal used to first learn about vision therapy, Binocular Anomalies: Diagnosis and Vision Therapy. Following an industrious career as an army medical corpsman, professor, researcher, and chief of the Binocular Vision clinic at Berkeley Optometry, David founded Rising Star Optometry, where he expertly treated children and adults suffering from learning-related vision problems, amblyopia, strabismus, and visual dysfunction from acquired brain injuries. This important work helped move our profession forward and improved thousands of lives through optimizing visual function with training, optics, and great warmth and empathy.
Last updated January, 2022

Gary Liberman, OD, ’68, Phd ’75
Dr. Gary Liberman retired from private practice and is enjoying living in Napa. His career included 45 years of mostly part-time practice, and 23 years teaching and research.
Last updated December 2019

Philip Mill, BS ’67, OD ’68
Passed away on September 2, 2016, with his wife and daughters by his side.
Last updated October, 2017

Clyde Oden, OD ’68
Clyde Oden became Representative Barbara Lee’s husband and new constituent at the beginning of 2020!
Last updated January, 2021

Ernie Takahashi, OD, ’68
Dr. Takahashi and his wife Jenny recently traveled to Machu Picchu. Dr. Takahashi was the California Optometric Association’s 2014 Optometrist of the Year!
Last updated October, 2015

Burt Worrell, OD ’68
Congratulations to Dr. Burt Worrell, who married Manuela Russell in 2019! The happy couple live in Los Gatos, CA.
Last updated January, 2021

Sir Colin Blakemore, PhD ’68
Sir Colin Blakemore died on June 27, 2022 in Oxford, England at age 78. In the 100 years of Berkeley Optometry and 70 years of the Physiological Optics, now Vision Science, PhD program, no graduate has reached a higher standing in academic and scientific circles: Waynflete Professor of Physiology at Oxford University and head of the Medical Research Council, the UK equivalent of our NIH. Colin did his PhD research on what was then the second floor of Minor Hall, and his affiliation with Berkeley was confirmed by his election to the School of Optometry Hall of Fame in 2014 and being awarded the Berkeley Haas International Award by the Chancellor in 2015. The paper that arose from his dissertation “The Neural Basis of Stereopsis,” written with Horace Barlow and Jack Pettigrew, and instrumental in the election of all three to the Fellowship of the Royal Society (F.R.S.), is perhaps the single most prominent publication based on visual neurophysiological research in any optometry school, a precursor and harbinger of future developments enabled by Dr. Herbert Wertheim’s endowment of a chair in neuro-optometry at Berkeley.
Last updated April, 2023


William Dorrance, BS ’66, OD ’67
Retired in 2011. He and his wife are happily retired in Anacortes, WA. Optometry, he says, “was a good career choice for me, with many wonderful memories.”
Last updated October, 2017


Lee Goldstein, OD ’66
Dr. Lee Goldstein and wife Marcia, Cal ’64, have welcomed the birth of their first great-grandchild on June 18. The couple has two children and four grandchildren. In retirement the Goldsteins have found the joy of RV-ing in the western US and Canada. Lee is a former COA President, COA Optometrist of the Year, State Board President, and a Berkeley Optometry Alumnus of the Year.
Last updated January, 2021


Manuel “Manny” Lopez, OD ’62
Doctors of 1962 and 1963 wrote in with remembrances of Dr. Manuel “Manny” Lopez who was the first Latino mayor elected in Oxnard, CA where he served 26 years on the City Council and also owned a private practice, one of the first Spanish-speaking doctors in the area. Manny was the son of a farmworker who in his campaign was backed by Cesar Chavez; his widow Irma noted in his obituary, “he speaks to the farmworker the same as he would to presidents,” including Reagan and Clinton, who he met in person.
Last updated January, 2021


Jerry Keyes, BS ’60, OD ’61
Dr. Keyes and his family live in Washington, Utah, next to St. George, Utah, and have six kids and 19 grand kids, which keeps them hopping. They lived for two years “in the great down under country” of Australia. “Life is good and good on ya.”
Last updated October, 2017


Cora (Brabazon) Ruhr, BS ’58, OD ’59
Retired since 1999, Dr. Ruhr had an Optometry practice in White Bear Lake Minnesota for over 30 years. She is now joyously living in Sedona, AZ, and is an avid hiker. Her daughter and 2 grandsons live in St Paul, Minnesota, where she spends time in the summer at her vacation home on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Last updated October, 2016


Darrell Carter, PhD ’57
Berkeley Optometry alumni shared many fond memories of their professor, Darrell Carter, who passed away in January at the age of 95. Darrell joined the clinical faculty in 1964 and also served as Director of the Ocular Disease Clinic, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Director for the Special Refraction Clinic, and Chair of the Admissions Committee. After retiring to Glen Ellen, CA, Darrell was inducted into the Berkeley Optometry Hall of Fame in 2014. His obituary describes his extensive and accomplished family, including Janet Carter, OD ’79.
Last updated January, 2021

Gordon Shanks, BS ’57
Gordon A. Shanks passed away in 2021. Following eight years of private practice, Dr. Shanks joined Family Health Plan in 1966 and eventually established its national Optometric Division. In retirement, he was deeply involved in the local government of his hometown, Seal Beach CA, serving on various boards and commissions, including eight years on the city council and four years as mayor.
Last updated April, 2023


Ramon Burstyn, OD ’53
Dr. Ramon Burstyn passed away in November 2020. An Army veteran, he practiced for 53 years in the Austin, TX area, following his father Dr. Adolf Burstyn into the profession. Dr. Burstyn is survived by daughter Dawn, a teacher on the Salt River Reservation in Arizona, son-in-law Larry, two grandsons Blake and Brent Meyers, and son Pearce Burstyn of Dallas, TX. His patients included the University of Texas athletes where he served as the team eye doctor.
Last updated January, 2022

John Daly, OD ’53
The city of Santa Cruz, the Monterey Bay Optometric Society, and Berkeley Optometry lost a longtime volunteer leader in Dr. John Daly. John passed away peacefully on June 28, 2020. His obituary details his extensive community leadership roles with the BPO Elks, Kiwanis Club, Salvation Army, and local government.
Last updated January, 2021


Art Bossin, OD ’52
Dr. Art Bossin celebrated his 99th birthday in the Encino home that he and his wife Lois, Cal ’51, built together. Lois passed away earlier this year, a few months before their 70th anniversary. Art’s classmates included Drs. Mert Flom and Ralph Moses, both who studied with him at UCLA before transferring to Berkeley where he met Lois at Hillel. Art and Lois had three children, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.
Last updated January, 2021

Allan Freid, OD ’52
Dr. Allan Freid passed away in December 2020, at the age of 92. The Hall of Fame member and Alumnus of the Year honoree accomplished much in his career, practicing overseas in the military, establishing a private practice, and instructing students at Berkeley Optometry and SCCO.
Last updated January, 2022

Saul Levine, BS ’52
Still practicing one morning a week, Dr. Levine and his wife Joyce recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with their three children and eight grandchildren. Family, travel, and golf—in that order—have been their pleasures. Dr. Levine says that “the changes in optometric scope of practice from graduation in 1952 to the present has been awesome and it’s not finished yet.” Dr. Levine is still trying to perfect his golf game.
Last updated October, 2017


Tom Clark, OD ’51
Dr. Tom Clark passed away at the age of 93 in May of this year. He holds the city record for longest serving elected official with 46 years of public service as a city council member and mayor combined. He managed to do it all while managing a successful optometric practice in Los Altos, per his obituary which can be found online.
Last updated January, 2021


Gordon Duffy, OD ’48
Hall of Fame member, assemblyman, and lobbyist Dr. Gordon Duffy passed away on February 2, 2021 in Santa Rosa, CA. His career as a politician introduced him to his wife Jean Duffy, who survives him along with the couples’ 10 children and large extended family. Gordon was a Navy veteran and member of the Cal Track team.
Last updated January, 2022

Howard Pflug, OD ’47
Dr. Howard Pflug passed away on September 24, 2021, in Los Angeles, CA at age 95. He served proudly on the Board of Directors of the LA County Optometric Society for many years, and when the laws were changed to enable optometrists to perform more medical procedures, Howard went back to the classroom for a demanding period of advanced education
and certification so that he could continue to provide his patients, many of whom he treated from childhood, with the most up-to-date care. In retirement, he volunteered through the UCLA Stein Eye Institute and found joy in providing free vision screenings to underserved children.
Last updated April, 2023


Gordon Duffy, OD ’44
Dr. Gordon Duffy celebrated his 95th birthday this year. He and his wife Jean have 10 children, 15 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.
Last updated January, 2020


Elaine Chinn Jang, OD ’40
Dr. Elaine Chinn Jang celebrated her 100th birthday (Wow!) on October 14, 2018 with family and friends in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Jang, who was one of the first women—and one of the first Chinese American students—enrolled at Berkeley Optometry, practiced in San Francisco and retired at the age of 65.
Last updated January, 2020