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Thanks for requesting information about our Optometry program! We will send you additional information about our program via email within the next week or so. You are also welcome to contact us (see below for contact info) with any questions you may have. We love talking to prospective students!


Take a quick look at our curriculum by clicking on the gold button below. You will see the depth and range of study and training offered by our Optometry program. One exciting and effective approach is introducing our students to clinical education from the first day. For example, Optometry 200A (Clinical Examination of the Visual System; Fall semester) is taught in the first semester of the program, when you will learn how to take case histories, perform preliminary examinations of the eye, and measure refractive error.


Meet Our Students

At Berkeley Optometry community is important. Our graduating classes are small — about 70 students per class — so students really get a chance to know each other. We work hard together and we have fun together too. The spirit of collaboration is strong. Click on the Day in the Life button to meet some of our students as they go about their day.

Day in the Life Videos

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our OD program or about the application process. We are here to help!

Berkeley Optometry
Admissions and Student Affairs Office
380 Minor Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2020 510-642-9537