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A female student reading in the College of Environmental Design Library.
A student reads a book at a table in the College of Environmental Design Library.

Get Ready!

On this page we provide a few options for preparing yourself for optometry school. Please keep in mind that these are just recommendations — they are not requirements.

Undergraduate Timetable

Our timetable is meant as a general guide for undergraduate students who seek to attend Berkeley Optometry immediately after completing and undergraduate degree.



Open to all, the goal of Berkeley Optometry’s Opto-Camp is to provide pre-health science/pre-optometry majors, especially those who are underrepresented in the profession and/or first-generation college students, with in-depth information about Optometry as a career track and to prepare attendees to be successful applicants to optometry school.


Pre Optometry Clubs

Many colleges have pre-optometry clubs for students and individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in the field of optometry. At Berkeley, the Foresight pre-optometry club offers interested students opportunities to sign up for a mentor, attend events with current optometry students, and to shadow current students in classes and clinics.

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