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University of Texas – Austin

Optometry Prerequisites

The University of Texas at Austin

As listed in the 2014-2016 Online Catalog

The following is a list of recommended courses at this institution that will fulfill the minimum prerequisites for Berkeley Optometry. Advanced upper-division courses in these subjects may be substituted for any of the lower division courses listed below. Courses have to be taken for a letter grade. Courses for which AP credit was received may be counted as long as they are listed on your college transcript. Our office has updated these courses to the best of our knowledge based upon the school catalog.

Please contact us if you find discrepancies with our articulation; for instance, a change in the course number and title. For more admissions information, please visit our website For specific questions, email us at:

  1. General Chemistry: CH 301, CH 302, and CH 204*
  2. Organic Chemistry: CH 320M and CH 220C or CH 328M and CH 128K
  3. Biochemistry: CH 369 (beginning Fall 2014: BCH 369)
  4. General Biology: BIO 311C, BIO 311D, and BIO 206L
  5. Calculus: M 408C or M 408K or M 408N
  6. General Physics: I. PHY 302K, 102M AND PHY 302L, 102N or II. PHY 317K, 117M AND PHY 317L, 117N or III. PHY 301, 101L AND PHY 316, 116L or IV. PHY 303K, 103M AND PHY 303L, 103N
  7. English: RHE 306 and RHE 309K (or equivalent)
  8. Microbiology: BIO 326R** (optional lab BIO 226L)
  9. Immunology: BIO 326M
  10. Anatomy: BIO 446L, or KIN 324K
  11. Physiology: BIO 365S and BIO 165U
  12. Statistics: M 316, BIO 328M, SDS 328M (or equivalent)
  13. Psychology: PSY 301

*CH 204 is a co-requisite for 320M and prerequisite for CH 320N and 220C.

**BIO 325 is a prerequisite for upper-division biology courses.