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UC Riverside

Optometry Prerequisite Courses UC Riverside As listed in the 2015-2016 General Catalog

The following is a list of recommended courses at this institution that will fulfill the minimum prerequisites for Berkeley Optometry. Advanced upper-division courses in these subjects may be substituted for any of the lower division courses listed below. Courses have to be taken for a letter grade. Courses for which AP credit was received may be counted as long as they are listed on your college transcript. Our office has updated these courses to the best of our knowledge based upon the school catalog. Please contact us if you find discrepancies with our articulation; for instance, a change in the course number and title. For more admissions information, please visit our website For specific questions, email us at:

  1. General Chemistry: Chem 1A, 1B, 1LA, 1LB
  2. Organic Chemistry: Chem 112A or 112B or 112C
  3. Biochemistry: BCH 100 or 110A
  4. General Biology: Biol 5A, 5LA, 5B, 5C
  5. Calculus: Math 9A (or equivalent)
  6. General Physics: Physics 2A, 2B, 2C, 2LA, 2LB, 2LC (40 series and 41 series also accepted) 7. Reading & Composition: English 1A, 1B, 1C (or equivalent)
  7. Microbiology: MCBL 121 (optional: 121L)
  8. Immunology: Biol 128
  9. Anatomy: Biol 161A or 171, 171L*
  10. Physiology: Biol 171 and 171L*
  11. Statistics: Stat 100A, 100B, or 110 (preferred)
  12. Psychology: Psych 1 (or equivalent)

*Biol 171, 171L Satisfy Anatomy and Physiology prerequisites