Admission to Berkeley Optometry is competitive. Enrollment for an incoming class is typically around 68 students, yet almost four times as many applications are typically received in a given admissions cycle.

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on previous college-level academic achievement, OAT scores, and qualitative factors such as biographical information, assessment of suitability for performing clinical work, letters of recommendation, interview data, and life experience. The Admissions Committee of the School of Optometry strives to admit students who will be successful both in the academic program and in the practice of optometry.


After you submit your application, you should expect to hear back from us by the first week in January about whether or not you’ve been invited to Interview Day.

Interview Day: Feb 2, 2019

Interviews of applicants by invitation only. Our Interview Day will be held on February 2, 2019. We use a combination of traditional application-based interviews and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) when we meet with candidates for admission.

While a traditional interview process allows an applicant to interact with one or more interviewers and provides an opportunity to assess the interpersonal skills of an applicant, the goal of the MMI is to assess communication, problem solving and time management skills in a dynamic “think on your feet” setting. We assess specific skills and qualities such as:

  • Critical thinking
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Healthcare issues
  • Professionalism

After You Receive an Offer of Admission

Students who have been admitted into an entering class are required to take certain steps to secure their seats in that class. The deadline to complete these steps is typically mid-April and on the Monday following Berkeley Optometry’s Admit Day.

  1. Submit an online Statement of Intention to Register Form (SIR), which is collected and managed by the University’s Division of Graduate Studies. You will be emailed information on how to create a login and SIR with your formal offer of acceptance from Graduate Division.
  2. Send via us mail, the School of Optometry’s Confirmation of Acceptance Form directly to the Admissions and Student Affairs Office at Berkeley Optometry.
  3. Send via us mail, with the School of Optometry’s Confirmation of Acceptance Form, a non-refundable $750 Admissions Deposit.

Background Checks

Berkeley Optometry requires a criminal background check (CBC) for all newly-admitted applicants prior to matriculation into the program. All admitted applicants are “Provisionally Accepted” until CBC results are obtained and cleared.

Courses Completed After An Offer Is Made

Applicants offered admission to Berkeley Optometry must earn satisfactory final grades (i.e., “C” or better) in all ongoing and any subsequent courses that are completed prior to matriculation. Berkeley Optometry reserves the right to rescind offers of admission if this condition is unmet.


After a student has accepted admission, disclosure of information from his or her student records is governed by the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. While FERPA does not pertain to applicants who have not accepted admission, it is Berkeley Optometry’s policy to not release applicant information to third parties (e.g., parents, pre-health advisors, spouses) unless there has been prior written consent from the applicant.