Fees are listed in the tables below are fees per semester and are meant to serve as unofficial guidelines.  Fees and tuition are set by the Regents of the University of California and are subject to change. Please refer to Registrar’s Fee Schedule for the most up-to-date information.

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Fees By Semester: 2017-2018

FeeCA ResidentNon CA ResidentNotes
Professional Degree Fee$8,629$8,629All students pursuing a professional degree pay this fee.
University Registration Fee$564$564All students pay a University registration fee, which covers services such as laboratory costs, certain recreational facilities, counseling and placement services, and University Health Services.
Educational Fee$6,315$6,315This fee is assessed uniformly across all campuses in partial support of the educational program for all students or for the general support of the University's operating budget.
Berkeley Campus Fees$693.75$693.75The Campus Fee consists of an ASUC fee, Student Center fee, Ethnic Studies fee, Intramural Sports Facility fee, Life Safety fee, Recruitment and Retention Centers fee, and Campus Health Care fee.
Class Pass Transit$76$76These passes allow all students to use AC Transit and campus shuttle buses, including travel to San Francisco on AC Transit's TransBay lines.
Health Insurance Fee$2,231$2,231All OD students are required to pay the Student Health Insurance Plan fee. The fee can be waived if students can prove comparable major medical coverage.
Non-Resident Tuition Fee0$6,122.50Non-residents of California must pay a non-resident Tuition Fee.
Document Management Fee$113$113 This fee is a consolidation of eleven existing transaction fees into a single, one‐time fee covering a variety of documents and services for the lifetime of the degree.
TOTAL PER SEMESTER$18,621.75$24,744.25

Becoming a Resident

After the first year of the program, we will assist non-resident students who wish to become in-state residents. This will reduce your fees.

Estimated Expenses

The following estimated expenses are meant to serve as unofficial guidelines. The Financial Aid Office updates these figures annually through student surveys and other research. Health Insurance is included in the table above.  For more information on health insurance, please visit the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) web page.

ExpenseEstimated Costs for 2 Semesters
Rent/Utilities ($1,602 per month) $14,414
Food ($811 per month)$7,296
Personal ($184 per month)$1,652
Transportation ($364 per month)$3,274
Books & Equipment*$796
Health (Included in table above)
Student Organizations$250


During their first year of enrollment it is necessary for optometry students to purchase certain hand-held equipment for use starting with the second year of school. This equipment, which may be used after graduation in the practice of optometry, costs from $4,000 – $6,000 depending on brand name and quality of equipment selected by students.

Off-Campus Expenses During 4th Year

During the fourth year, students are required to participate in off campus externships. These rotations take the fourth-year clinician away from the Bay Area for 9 to 32 weeks of the the 4th year. Desired location and duration of externships cannot be guaranteed. Students are required to manage and pay their own costs for travel, accommodations, food, other living expenses and costs (immunization/documentation) associated with externship credentialing/onboarding.

Cost Reduction for Students In Absentia

University of California academic and professional graduate students who undertake research or coursework related to their degree programs outside of California, or outside the seven Bay Area counties will receive an 85% reduction in the Educational and Registration fees for the semester while their are away. Students who quality for In Absentia status can reduce their University bill by approximately $6,000 for the semester.

Full Health Insurance, and Campus and Professional Degree fees will still apply.