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About the Jumpstart Course

In an effort to ensure that our students are prepared to be successful, the Herbert Wertheim School of Optometry & Vision Science has created Jumpstart, a free asynchronous online summer course designed to equip incoming students with the tools, skills and strategies to be successful during their first year of study.

Throughout this course students will be presented with articles, videos, and case studies — as well as tips from students, faculty, and staff — that will assist in the development of the skills and knowledge needed to excel while training to become a Doctor of Optometry. The program is optional but encouraged, and is provided at no cost to students.

Timing & Duration

The course, which students can take at their own pace, is typically launched after the conclusion of the spring semester and runs for seven weeks. Students can take pre-unit quizzes to check their basic level of knowledge, and pick and choose which units they engage in based on their scores.

A Sample of What Students Will Experience

  • Meet future professors and school administrators and learn about campus resources.
  • Get tips on best practices for studying, developing your clinical skills, student wellness, and time management.
  • Hear case presentations from 3rd and 4th year student clinicians relating some of the didactic content to clinical practice.
  • View curated content from leading experts to help you review and practice the basic concepts fundamental to optometry across the following topics:
    Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Physics, and Optics

Student Testimonials

Read what past students had to say about our program in their testimonials below.

“I thought the jumpstart program was extremely well put together. You can tell the faculty & staff have been working on this for some time. It was great having all the videos from various professors. I loved the fact that there were actual student case studies presented. The case studies tied everything together, and the optics problems were a great asset as well. It made me seek out other resources when I was stuck on an answer. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the course and I feel like I AM more prepared because of it.”
“I really appreciated this course. I thought it was a good overview of background information needed. I’ve recognized some of the material as I’ve moved through the first year courses. Thanks for putting this together!”
“I think it just made optometry school more real and what we need to know to be a successful student.”