Welcome to our Journal Club page! The Journal Club is comprised of Berkeley Optometry Residents, who gather during the academic year to research and discuss scholarly papers that pertain to their area of residency. We focus on all fields of eye care with special emphasis on articles with reviews, landmark studies, and updates on the standard of care. It is our hope that these papers will be of interest to Optometry students and faculty. Happy reading!

How to access the papers

We are using Zotero to categorize papers that the Journal Club finds. Zotero is a free reference manager and academic social network that organizes research and allows for collaboration with others online.

Below you will see links to all the Journal Club articles. Click on these links to see the list of authors, read abstracts, or read the entire article on the publisher’s website.

If you are accessing these pages while on campus, you should be able read each article in full. If you are off campus, you will need to set up remote access via VPN or Proxy.

Binocular Vision

All Topic Areas

Convergence Insufficiency


Contact Lens

All Topic Areas

Amniotic membrane CLs
CLs Care
CLs Complications
Corneal Cross Linking
Scleral Lenses

Low Vision

All Topic Areas

Charles Bonnet Syndrome
Common conditions in LV clinic
Low Vision from AMD


All Topic Areas


Ocular Diseases

All Topic Areas

Anterior Segment


Posterior Segment


All Topic Areas

Cortical Visual Impairment
Pediatric Eye Disease

Refractive Error/Myopia Control

All Topic Areas

Systemic Diseases

All Topic Areas
Autoimmune Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis