We Make a Difference!

Berkeley Optometry has developed a number of off-campus community outreach programs in which — as part of their standard clinical training — students provide vision care services to underserved patient populations. Our goal is to provide valuable clinical training for our students as they serve those segments of the local population who have only limited access to health care due to lack of health insurance, low income, disability, or other restrictions.

California School for the Blind (CSB)

Fremont, CA

Vision care and technical assistance for educators to meet the needs of young, congenitally, visually impaired patients; an innovative collaborative program receiving special recognition from the California State Superintendent of Schools.

La Clinica de la Raza Family Optical

Oakland, CA

Provides access to vision care for financially disadvantaged patients with higher prevalence of eye and eye-related disease in community clinic setting.

Community Colleges

SF Bay Area

Eye exams and materials at a nominal charge provided to financially disadvantaged students.

Community Outreach by the Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center

North Berkeley Senior Center, Rossmoor, CA

Vision care for financially disadvantaged patients with higher prevalence of eye and eye-related disease.

Digital Health Clinic (Telemedicine)

Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center, Berkeley, CA

Nearly 40 community hospitals have been outfitted with retinal cameras, permitting diabetic retinopathy screenings in locations where it was previously unavailable.  Analysis of the images is done remotely by Berkeley Optometry faculty and students.

Head Start Screenings

Berkeley, CA

Vision screenings to assess preschool patients.

Jeppesen Vision Program

Various Locations

Free eye exams and glasses for children preschool – 18 from families without Medicaid or insurance.

LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

San Francisco, CA

This clinic specializes in care for adults with low vision. The goal of the clinic is to provide low vision services and devices that will enable patients to live independently.

Lions Club

San Diego, CA

Eye exams and materials for those in need of eye care without the means to pay for it. This is a special partnerships between Berkeley Optometry and the Lions Clubs.

Migrant Workers

Oakland, CA

Free eye exams to uninsured migrant workers.

Over 60 Clinic

Berkeley, CA

Vision care for low-income geriatric patients with a high incidence of eye and eye-related disease such as diabetes.  

School Screenings

Diablo Valley, CA and Tracy, CA

Vision screening system (“BEST”) used to assess kindergarten through third-grade patients.

Suitcase Clinic

Berkeley, CA

A Berkeley Optometry program providing free weekly preliminary vision screenings at the First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley for low-income and homeless persons. People in need of further evaluation are referred to the Berkeley Optometry Meredith Morgan Eye Center for free complete eye exams; patients are also eligible to receive free eyeglasses.

Eastmont Health Center

Oakland, CA

Community clinic providing access to vision care for low-income uninsured patients.

Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH)

Berkeley, CA

An independent student organization whose members donate their time and skills to deliver vision care to underserved people around the world.  Previous trips include visits to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico, Kenya, and Viet Nam.