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The end-of-the-academic-year event that tops all others. Skit Night is an annual tradition where all classes compete to get the most laughs by impersonating the Berkeley Optometry staff and faculty. From clever to downright outrageous, the skits set the stage for a night full of laughs, food, and drink. Everyone joins in the event, even the Berkeley Optometry staff and faculty who are the targets of so much fun.

Here are a few recent videos from Skit Night.

Hello (by Adele) Parody

Visual Perception crushes Negar Pirooz as she nails Adele’s Hello.


It’s like you’re always stuck in second year.

Indecisive Ladies

Now put your hands up!

Stranger Things

Where is Brian? Who is holding him captive?


“Hold on, let me take a selfie.”