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A group of students at the color run event.
Two students on the class of 2017 hike.
Students climbing the half dome at Yosemite National Park.
A group of students.
A group of students jumping on the beach.
Two male students sharing a milkshake with two straws.
Three students in the snow.
A group of four students on a hike.
A group of 7 students at Delores Park.

We’re a Family!

One of the special features of student life at Berkeley Optometry is the feeling of community; our students enter as individuals but quickly become a “family.” Whether you are from a small town or a big city, you will easily find a place within our diverse, thriving, collaborative, and friendly group of OD students as you share clinical, educational, and social life at Berkeley Optometry.

So what’s your pleasure — rafting down the Sacramento River, skiing at Lake Tahoe, partying at Halloween, dancing at the EyeBall, putting on a parody for Skit Nite, or participating in one of the informal social events?  Or maybe all of the above?  Check out what we have to offer.

White Water Rafting

The annual Berkeley Optometry rafting trip is all about enjoying the Labor Day weekend with some fun in the sun while cruising in a 10-12 person raft on the American River in Sacramento. The trip down the mellow rapids — there are a few thrills too — is a great way to get to know your classmates better.  Popular among all Berkeley Optometry classes, this rafting trip is also your chance to benefit from some great insights from upper-class students.

Ski Lake Tahoe

The ski trip to Tahoe is the ultimate getaway from a tough finals week. When it heats up during the finals, a trip to the beautiful Tahoe mountains is a great way to cool down. You’ll have three days in a huge cabin to just let loose, with no more studying to worry about. It’s time to get your gear on and shred some fresh snow.

Halloween Party

It’s not all study and exams — the Halloween party serves as a most welcome chance to work out all the stress after a week of ghoulish midterms. Despite all the hard work, Berkeley Optometry students manage to find time to have fun. Whether your alter-ego is the Hulk, the Phantom of the Opera, or a Charlie’s Angel, you can join in on all the fun. Dress in your spooky best and enjoy the freakish night!

Semi-Formal Eye Ball

The annual semi-formal — Berkeley Optometry style. A great night of flashy, decked-out people, and high-class dining. Eyeball takes place at a luxurious hotel ballroom near the SF Bay. If prom night was your last formal, dust off your best clothing, because it will definitely be a night to remember.

Skit Night

The end-of-the-academic-year event that tops all others. Skit Nite is an annual tradition where all classes compete to get the most laughs by impersonating the Berkeley Optometry staff and faculty. From clever to downright outrageous, the skits set the stage for a night full of laughs, food, and drink. Everyone joins in the event, even the Berkeley Optometry staff and faculty who are the targets of so much fun.

Skit Night Videos


Sibfest is an annual tradition where “little sibs” and “big sibs” have an opportunity to meet one another while enjoying free food and beverages. At the beginning of the year each entering first-year student at Berkeley Optometry is assigned a big brother or sister who serves as a mentor. Sibs provide valued advice on how to make it through the first year, and even share exams from previous years. Likewise, third-year students offer advice on how to survive the second year. The festivities take place at “Minor Beach” (Berkeley Optometry’s expansive deck area).

Double Vision

Double Vision is a weekly event held on Thursday nights where students can get their minds off class and studying. Join in the socializing at pubs and clubs around the SF Bay Area.


Students always find time to organize various social events, such as Golf Tournaments, Casino Nights, Ice skating, and Cal Football Tailgate Parties. Also, there are  events offering students a fun way to learn, such as visits to the Exploratorium or the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.