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A group of students in the office.
A group of students in front of the clinic.
A doctor and students at the clinic entrance.
A doctor and students at the clinic entrance.

Berkeley Optometry’s Business Management Immersion program started in 2016 with 8 students fully immersing themselves in the world of private practice for two days. This year, thanks to VSP, we’ve grown our participants to 25 and expanded our reach to Southern California.

Over the course of the program, students get acquainted with the professional tasks of joining a practice and learn how to integrate their clinical training into private practice. Additionally, students gain access and knowledge of private practice resources by highlighting successful business practice models, giving students the appreciation and understanding that running a successful business will be integral to their success as practitioners.

Participating Practices

Practices that have participated in the past include:

Brookside Optometry
Coastal Vision
Golden Optometry Group – West Covina and Southgate
Mountain View Optometry
Silicon Valley Eyecare

What Students Say

By all accounts, students enjoy the experience and find it valuable. See below for what they have to say about it!

“I had the BEST experience. Dr. Vanover and Gracie from VSP took the whole day off to give us a full tour of the practice and he walked us through how they started the practice back in the 90s” –Isabel Kazour 

“I really appreciated the stories that Dr. Hisaka told us, and how we really got to see almost every aspect of his practice. The doctors we shadowed gave us a great perspective on different styles of care and communication and made me think of how I explained concepts to my patients. It was really humbling to see just how much he appreciated his staff and how much they loved him in return. All in all, I thought it was a great experience, very much worth my time.” – Cynthia Huang