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Research Assistant (Remote)

Student Positions

Remote, California

Telephone: 5054177728


Date Posted: January 19, 2023

Begin your career as a dry eye expert before you have graduated from optometry school. Assistance needed with dry eye literature research for papers to be published in optometric journals such as: Review of Optometry, Review of Cornea and Contact Lens, Modern Optomery, and Optometry Times. Assistance needed with power point presentations to be presented at local and national conferences.

If you love ocular surface disease and you are interested in learning what it takes to become an expert in this field, this job will prepare you for your future. Learn the nuances of ocular surface disease treatments and be ahead of the curve on technologies before their FDA approval.

The position is immediately available. The first assignment will be working on an article to be published in Review of Optometry. Expect 2 – 10 hours of work per week. $20/hour. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint a must. Great communication skills and attention to details are helpful.

All assignments will be clearly spelled out. Expectations and timelines will be given in writing. If you are organized and eager to learn more about ocular surface disease, I would love to help you get started on a promising career.

Please contact me for more details.