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Optometrist Wanted

Part-Time OD Positions

La Canada, California

Telephone: 8187900422


Date Posted: June 6, 2024

Let’s cut to the chase: I’m a 1995 UCBSO grad with a sweet practice and high expectations. I have a 2011 UCBSO Part-Time Associate who is pretty awesome, and 5 staff members who bring their A-Game every day. They all say I provide an understanding and flexible work environment (you are free to ask them). If you’re an OD wanting to work with us, learn a lot and have some fun then I’ll pay you more than the average Bear. 3 days per week (MWF) for now.
But…here’s the but: you have to WANT to practice general optometry, provide spot-on refractions and be sharp enough to not let any pathology pass you by. If this is your calling, then please call with any questions.