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Optometrist – Vision Therapy

Part-Time OD Positions

Campbell, California

Telephone: 408-623-2938


Date Posted: September 7, 2023

We work in an area of optometry that you probably know nothing about.

We draw patients from Nor-Cal, So Cal, out-of-state, and out-of-the country. We are a four-doctor practice, with three offices in Silicon Valley. This practice increased gross production by 10x in 7 years, doubling every two years. It remained at a high level for 15 years.

Our goal is to hire and train four doctors over the next four years, leading to attractive partnership opportunities. This starts as a training position because it involves learning an entirely new system of diagnosis and treatment. What we have been able to do is identify a population of people whose intelligence has deteriorated due to underlying visual processing issues. We were able to restore their intelligence to the highest level that they ever measured.

Gains in IQ of one standard deviation (15 points) or more have been achieved with regularity over the past decade. With multiple programs of therapy, similar gains have been achieved with each successive program. The demand for our services has been incredible. We are only limited by the number of doctors that we can teach to produce similar results.

Parents do not bring the children to use because they want to build “super kids.” They come because these issues put their child at risk for depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, or a host of other types of mental illness. It is rewarding at a level that you never thought was possible to achieve with optometric practice. We want doctors who can practice with LOVE and COMPASSION.

This is a training position that starts out at about 25 hours a week. Could quickly move to full-time if you can master what we have to teach. We are located in Silicon Valley, with offices in Campbell, Los Altos, and Saratoga. We would like to start 2 doctors in the next two weeks to help us prepare for the surge of new patients that are coming in.