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Fill-on OD needed on 09/19, 09/20, 09/23, 09/26, or 09/27 (any date)

Temporary OD Positions

Fremont, California

Telephone: 5107912020


Date Posted: August 29, 2023

We are looking for a vacation relief on 09/20, 09/22, 09/23, 09/26, or 09/27. If interested, please email resume and dates available to

We are a private office located in Newark/ Fremont area. The office is equipped with EMR, Eidon retinal camera, OCT, VF, and NCT/ iCare tonometer.
Hours on Tuesday and Thursday 10-6PM; Wednesday will be 11-7PM; Friday 9-5PM and Saurtday 8:30-3:30PM