Welcome to our jobs page.  From this page you can read postings for faculty and staff positions here at Berkeley Optometry. We also post OD positions or practices that are for sale. If you are an OD and have a job opening or a practice that is for sale, you can submit postings here too.

Berkeley Optometry Positions

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Full Time Optical Faculty
HS Clinical Instructor or HS Assistant Clinical Professor

Full/Part Time Clinical Faculty
HS Clinical Instructor or HS Assistant Clinical Professor

OD Jobs & Practices

The jobs listed below are NOT positions or practices offered by the University of California, Berkeley or Berkeley Optometry. They have been submitted by others in the optometry community. We assume no responsibility as to genuineness, accuracy, correctness, compensation, or requirements.

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Posting Information

Q: What kinds of listings are acceptable?
A: Openings for ODs, or practices that are for sale.

Q: Is there a charge for listings?
A: No, it’s free to post on our website.

Q: Will you confirm when my listing is ready?
A: Yes, you will get an automated response.

Q: How quickly will my listing appear?
A: We need to review each posting, so it could take a few days.

Q: How long will my listing remain on the web page?
A: Positions are listed for 30 days.

Q: May I list more than one position within the same practice?
A: Yes. You may send two or more different listings for the same optometric or ophthalmological practice.

Q: What do I do if I want to edit my posting?
A: We are not able to edit postings once they are posted. Instead, you can submit a new posting with the updated information.

Q: What do I do if I want to delete my posting before the 30 day period runs out?
A: Send us an email with the posting title, the date you posted it, and the contact name you listed in the post. Send your email to us at: optweb@berkeley.edu

Please note that we don’t list jobs for support personnel, such as opticians, lab technicians,  interns, office managers, receptionists, or sales/marketing staff.  We list opening for ODs only.  We also do not list equipment for sale or spaces that are for lease.