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You’ve probably noticed Wurster Hall which is just south of Minor Hall. This is the building of the School of Architecture.

Yes, it was apparently designed by the faculty of the School of Architecture. They seem to have wanted to emphasize concrete, the modern building material. Lots and lots of concrete.

And just to make sure you can see all the concrete, it’s not painted. In case you think the interior is different, look for yourself. (Brings back fond memories of Khrushchev’s Moscow.)

You’re probably thinking that the building must be pretty darn strong with all that concrete. Think again. Wurster Hall was found to be unsafe in earthquakes after the 1989 Loma Prieta Quake, so it is now being retro-fitted.

Anyway, you’re asking, “What’s the illusion here?” Well, most people report, despite the good intentions of the Architecture faculty, that this building is not beautiful. That indeed it’s real ugly. Probably the Architecture faculty wanted to inspire future generations of architects by building their self-esteem: “These guys get paid for this stuff? I could do a whole lot better.”

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